Top 3 Mountain Bikes for under $500

Top 3 Mountain Bikes for under $500

Mountain biking is an adventure sport for some and for others; it is a way of life. Some people take this sport way too seriously and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on purchasing the best mountain biking equipment such as the Best locks for your bike. If this sport has caught your attention and you want to try, then let me tell you that the equipment will empty your pockets. You will have to take out some money from your savings in order to buy the required equipment. But who said you would have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars from them. If you can spare $500 bucks for a class-act mountain bike, I think you are set. Mountain bike is the most important part of this sport and if you get a good one initially, it is going to have a massive impact on your career growth.

In $500, here are some of the key features that we have selected for this list.

Frame: The frame of a mountain bike is its heart. You will find cheap mountain bikes that have steel frames, but don’t be fooled by them. These bikes are really heavy and dangerous to ride on steep terrains. If you properly want to explore the wilderness, you should invest in an aluminium frame bike. Aluminium a light yet strong metal and that’s perfect for a mountain bike.

Number of gears: The next feature to look at is the number of gears. While number of gears really has no significance in performance of a mountain bike, but if you would be climbing steep mountains on it, higher number of gears will be beneficial. This is because the step size would be small and it would put less strain on your body.

Let’s get started with the list of top mountain bikes under $500.

Shocky Kraken

This is the number one bike available in the price rage. It has got a comfort saddle and amazing shock absorbers. For the price, you will get above average features, if you will purchase this bike. One minor drawback to this bike is that you won’t be able to use for daily chores, because it not designed for that kind of work. It is a hard-hatting trail machine, made for adventures.

Saracen Tufftrax Comp Disc

The next best mountain bike that you buy under $500 is this beauty. Rated at 3.5/5, this small yet trail friendly bike is the best entry-level mountain bike for anyone who is keen on trying out this adventurous sport. Saracen Tufftrax is quite enjoyable, responsive, and offers a well-balanced feel. It has a 720mm wide grip and 80mm stem help boost control that lets you ride on mountains with superior grip and comfort.

Specialized pitch

The last contender for the coveted prize of “the best mountain bike under $500” is the specialized pitch. This hard-hitting mountain bike is designed to make your mountain experiences comfortable and enjoyable. Rated at 3 on 5, it is not the best in the market, but EZ-fire shifters are definitely going to make you want more of it.