6 Tips for Choosing the Best Motorhome Repair Shop

Motorhome Repair

When you’re out on the road, there are a lot of things that can happen to your vehicle, making choosing a motorhome repair shop that can meet your needs essential. However, if you’re in a place you haven’t been before or far away from home, it’s difficult to determine the best from the rest. So, here we’ve provided some key tips for choosing the best motorhome repair shop near you!

Choose a Certified Repair Shop

One of the most important things when selecting a motorhome or RV repair shop is ensuring that it’s certified and boasts all of the proper licensing. This is because, in the motorhome repair industry, the most serious and specialized technicians will always be able to illustrate they’re experts by being certified. The best motorhome repair shops will often have multiple certifications from reputable industry associations that state they’re up-to-date on all of the industry’s best practices and training. They’ll have in-depth knowledge and expertise enabling them to fix everything from collision damage to electrical components and parts.

Check the Reviews

If you’re unsure of which repair shop to visit, you can always rely on reviews online and client testimonials on a particular shop’s website. Even a smaller, lesser-known local repair shop might provide stellar services based on reviews and what customers are saying about them. When searching online keep it simple, using phrases like “the best motorhome repair shop near me,” and see what pops up first.

Take a Close Look at Their Equipment

Another way to determine if you’re at a quality repair shop or not is by taking a look at the equipment they have for repairs and body damage, etc. It’s important to make certain it has the necessary equipment to find a solution to your problem, after all. Motorhomes and RVs come in every shape and size, and some require more specialized repair equipment than others. Two of the most common, and important motorhome repair tools in the industry are a three-dimensional frame measuring machine and squeeze-type resistance spot welding equipment. The former enables mechanics to diagnose and repair any major issues with your motorhome/RV’s frame. The latter is so they have the ability to repair your vehicle with the manufacturer’s original welds, so there’s no noticeable difference once the job is done.

Ask About their Experience

It’s important to ask about the background and experience of any potential repair shop. Ones that have been around for years often have very skilled mechanics with experience working on every issue that could arise with your motorhome. Even if finding an experienced mechanic might be a bit more pricey, an experienced specialist will always be able to easily diagnose your issue and come up with the right solution. Otherwise, you could find yourself due for some costly repairs down the road if the mechanic you chose didn’t have the adequate experience necessary to provide lasting repairs to your motorhome.

Ask if they Offer Warranties or Guarantees

Another sign you’ve chosen the right repair shop is when they offer warranties or guarantees that back their work. Since repair or parts replacement often costs more for motorhomes and RVs than traditional vehicles, it’s important to have the reassurance that should there ever be an issue, your investment in their services is protected. It also demonstrates that the shop you’ve chosen stands behind the work they do and is proud of it.

Ask the RV Community

There are a multitude of motorhome and RV websites and communities online, and you’ll meet people on the road when you stop that can also provide you with great local recommendations. If there aren’t any motorhomes at your particular campsite then going online and asking questions on motorhome/RV message boards is extremely helpful

Offers Multiple Services

Great motorhome and RV service centers will offer a wide range of services and the more they offer, the better sign it is that they’re experts in their field. Some of the most common services to look for when seeking potential repair shops include roof inspections, brake and bearing services, appliance inspections, furnace services, roof maintenance solutions, and de-winterizing services.


Take the distance of the repair shops you’re searching for into account, especially if you have a serious problem with your motorhome. You shouldn’t choose one that’s miles and miles away or you run the risk of making the issue worse or suffering a breakdown and being left on the road. In addition to service centers, a variety of today’s top repair shops offer mobile repair services for emergencies and more serious problems where driving your motorhome can make the problem worse.

Now that you’re armed with some great ways to identify a quality motorhome repair shop it’s time to hit the road!