Choosing the Right Kind of Scooter

Choosing the Right Kind of Scooter

In many ways, a motorcycle or a scooter is the best way to get around in town, as the roads are narrow and a car would just be a hassle. Also, cars or trucks can be quite expensive. If you are looking to get around at a much lower price than you would spend on a car, a bike is certainly your best option.

Your first decision is between a scooter and a motorcycle. For those who are just looking to get around, without the need for excessive craftsmanship or speed, a scooter is the better option. Scooters tend to be slightly less expensive than motorcycles and much easier to maintain. They don’t feature nearly as much metal as motorcycles so they’re not nearly as heavy, which makes them easier to manoeuvre. Choosing the right kind of scooter can be difficult. If you visit the website of a company such as Wheels Motorcycles, you can see several different scooter options to start your search.


The transmission of your scooter is probably one of the biggest factors in choosing the right kind of bike. Much like cars, bikes come with manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. In a scooter, an automatic transmission is one that is constantly varying the gear, without the help of the driver. It doesn’t shift from one gear to the next the way an automatic car does; instead, a scooter is constantly shifting to the appropriate ratio based on the required torque. This ratio is dependent on the presence of hills or rough terrain. If you don’t want to have to shift manually, an automatic transmission is the only way to go. Many who are searching for a Piaggio MP3 for sale in the UK prefer automatic transmissions as well.


Engines come in several different sizes; they are classed by the size of the cylinder that houses the piston. The bikes offered by Wheels Motorcycles vary from 50cc to about 1500cc. The engine size is measured in cubic centimetres, which is the volume of the cylinder. Scooters, as opposed to motorcycles, tend to range from 50cc to 350cc. A 50cc scooter will get you from point A to point B, but it’s not wildly powerful. For a 100kg person on a 50cc scooter, the top speed will be about 50kph. That might be okay for getting around in town, but you need something more powerful if you intend to drive on bigger streets.

Furthermore, engines come in two different varieties: two-stroke and four-stroke. A two-stroke engine is more powerful with regards to its torque at lower speeds. It also tends to have better acceleration than a four-stroke, as the engines use an oil/gas mixture. The downside is that they have lower top speeds and tend to make a lot more noise during operation. If you are looking for something to ride around town, you want to invest in a four-stroke. They aren’t as loud, they have higher top speeds, and they are a little bit more reliable. You don’t have to mix oil and gas in a four-stroke engine, either.

Getting around town should be fun and easy. If you don’t want the hassle and expense of a car, you should invest in a scooter. They are lightweight, affordable, and easy to ride. An automatic transmission makes them practically effortless to operate.