Best Ways to Transport Your Vehicle


There are a variety of occasions when you may need to contact a reliable car transporters company to make sure your vehicle is quickly and safely moved from one location to another with a “white glove treatment” that gives the special attention and care that your treasured vehicle requires and deserves. Whether it is a car, SUV, truck, or other unique motor vehicle, there are multiple methods depending on the vehicle and its needs. They include the following:

Door-to-Door Transport

The driver picks up and drops off the vehicle as close as possible to the front doors of the destinations. If the cities restrict this service because of regulations on the types and sizes of vehicles that can enter their residential areas and prohibit large trucks from entering because the trucks require more open maneuvering space to maneuver, the trucker will need to meet you at the nearest large parking lot.

Open Transport

The most cost effective and common auto shipping service is the long truck that carries vehicles strapped to its metal frame.

Enclosed Transport Service

Normally used for valuable exotic, high-end, antique, collectible, and classic vehicles, a completely enclosed hard side or soft side trailer protects from road conditions, flying objects, dust, and the weather. Many of the carriers are equipped with special lift gates that are hydraulic and thus enable the vehicle to be held in a much preferred horizontal position and therefore provide for safer handling and lifting when loading and unloading.

Inoperable Transport

This is a way to move a “fixer upper” vehicle that doesn’t run as long as it rolls, steers, and brakes. Specially equipped trailers are also ideal to be used by car collectors and restorers.

Who can I go to?

Fast Motion Auto Transport is an example of a family owned and operated licensed, insured, bonded and highly professional shipping company that has transported vehicles for more than 20 years. They use only top-of-the-line carriers and highly trained agents all over the country who are the safest and most reliable. Every carrier in their network is insured up to $1,000,000.