Getting Hold of that Supersport Bike Isn’t a Dream Anymore

Getting Hold of that Supersport Bike Isn’t a Dream Anymore

The fascination of people has always been to get hold of that beast of a machine, which revs up enough power to make any other vehicle present on the road virtually non-existent. However, acquiring a dream super sport bike isn’t quite an easy job. Especially, when, the market is flooded with a number of options coupled with a price range that is a bit on the steeper side.

When the exiting competition has been quite of a challenge, a number of manufacturers have taken to this challenge by introducing bikes such as the KTM RC 390 Top Speed that can be headed under the small engine displacement super sport category. A typical supersport bike engine can consist of features such as;

  • A 1 cylinder 4 stroke water cooled engine
  • For a KTM RC 390 mileage can range up to an approx. of 25 miles every litre.
  • The power obtained is 43 BHP at 9000 rpm
  • The torque is 35Nm at 7000 rpm
  • Engine displacement of around 370cc.
  • Normally the 6 geared bikes have a self-start module
  • An automated braking system and
  • To add on to the customer’s sense of satisfaction, 2 years of warranty is also provided by some of the manufacturers.

The Growth Speaks for it:

The small engine displacement supersport bike manufacturers have not been for long in the market. It is only in the past couple of years that the increasing sales stands and speaks for the high level of satisfaction and positive reviews the KTM RC390 bike specs have managed to create.

The Tweaks and Additions:

A supersport bike stands out with its design specifications and intelligent additions that happen to surpass other competitors present in the market. For instance, many of the bike manufacturers have introduced new design features in the exhaust of the super bikes. Every design specification undertaken is done keeping alive the subtlety. Thus every replacement and the new materials used like lightweight aluminum undergo extensive research and study.

On need to also take note, modifications happen to bring in noticeable changes in the overall presentation of the bike.