How to Find the Right Fixed Ops Training Company for Your Dealership

Fixed Ops

When it comes to running a profitable and efficient service department at your dealership, having a structured training program for technicians and service advisors is always important. Partnering with the right fixed operations training company can help take your service operations to the next level through customized training plans. But with many options to choose from, how do you find the best fit? Here are the top things to look for.

Structured Long-Term Plans

The right training company will work with you to develop structured long-term plans, not just one-off training events. They should get to know your dealership, your staff, and your goals in order to custom-tailor ongoing training that maximizes results. The training plans should be robust, with role-playing exercises, standards and benchmarks, progress-tracking methods, and accountability measures. This strategic approach leads to true transformation rather than quick fixes.

Follow Up on Their Work

An indicator of an excellent training company is that they follow up on their work and keep tabs on the performance of trainees after the fact. They should conduct evaluations at set intervals after training programs to ensure the new skills and knowledge are adhering and being utilized in day-to-day operations. The follow-up also allows them to refine and improve their training approaches.

They Always Set Defined Goals

For every customized training program, the provider should collaborate with dealership leadership to set defined goals and key performance indicators to benchmark success. Whether it’s increasing customer satisfaction scores, reducing technician cycle time, or boosting service advisor sales per repair order, the goals need to be clear. With concrete goals in place upfront, the results of the training can be accurately tracked and measured.

Their Team Has Real Industry Experience

Ideally, the trainers from the company possess genuine experience working in dealership fixed operations roles such as technicians, shop foremen, service managers, and service advisors. This real-world experience allows them to better relate to trainees and provide actionable training with realistic examples that apply to your dealership’s environment. They should also have certified training credentials.

Contact a Fixed Operations Training Company to Get Started Today

Finding the right partner to train your fixed operations staff can transform your service operations. Reach out to potential providers today to learn more about their approach, experience, client results, and how they can help your dealership achieve its goals. By investing in structured training, you’ll see a positive ROI through higher staff productivity, increased customer loyalty, and reduced turnover.