Cell Phone Car Holder Mounts

car phone holder

The cell phone is a ubiquitous item found everywhere including in cars.  This has led many states to outlaw using cell phones while driving and the need for hands free communication is on the rise across the world.  It is hard to not agree with the safety issues of using a cell phone while driving as it occupies your hands which need to be free for driving.  A plethora of cell phone car mounts has come onto the market in order to comply with the law without losing the ability to use a cell phone while driving.

Cell phone car holder mounts come in various forms.   There are mounts that attach via the CD slot, mount to the windshield or attach to air vents.  Some have clips that hold the phone while some use a magnetic device.  The variety is endless.

The principal of the car phone holder is to attach the cell phone near the driver so he can see and operate the device with limited movement or attention being taken off driving.  The advantages of using cell phone car holder mounts include being able to talk hands free using either a Blue Tooth device or the speaker function of the phone. 

Another advantage of a cell phone car mount is the ability to use the navigation tools such as GPS driving instruction that are within clear view of the driver and some offering verbal direction giving lessoning the need to take the eyes off the road while driving. 

car phone holder

The design of the car mount is similar across devices being that they mount to the car in a suitable location near the driver.  Most mounts are adjustable to hold various sized devices including tablets.  Having a car mount made by the phone manufacturer is not required as there are many models available to fit the various cell phones and include adjustability.  

Magnetic mounts will obviously only work for phones that have metal casings.  Many magnetic mounts come with a magnet that is installed behind the phone case or battery cover in order to aid the attraction of the magnets to the car mount. 

Almost all mounts are adjustable for directionality.  A phone can be mounted vertically or horizontally and rotated as needed on the fly.  Air vent holders also offer the 360 degree pivot ability and there are many models to choose from to fit air vents with spring loaded attachments for snug fits.

Using a cell phone car holder mount is the safest way to use your cell phone while driving.  It leaves your hands free for driving and keeps the driver in compliance with the law.