Know The Difference: Different Types Of Tyres Available In Market


Knowing about the different types of tyres available is very important. There are so many components and features in tyres that can enhance the performance of your vehicle. For a smooth drive and longevity of your vehicle it’s necessary to buy tyres that are a right fit. Whether you opt to buy tyres online UAE or go physically to a shop, be prepared for the number of options available.

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Summer Performance Tyres

For vehicle owners in the UAE, summer tyres are always a better option as they provide all-round performance in the hot weather. The hard compound of these tyres softens up in extreme heat, and is able to adapt to the road conditions. To minimize aquaplaning, summer tires design features fewer sipes. This allows for better road grip in wet conditions. Hankook tyres come with a straightforward block-shaped tread pattern that provides a better grip and large footprint with the road. Summer tyres are perfect for high-performance vehicles, allowing increased response, braking capabilities, and cornering.

Winter Performance Tyres

Characterized by their composition and deep tread thickness, winter tyres have wider grooves that handle wet conditions better. The large number of sipes offer better grip and greater traction on wet roads. Winter tires ensure improved stability and steering precision, assisting the diver in harsh conditions. There are some people who argue that inter tyres increase fuel consumption and running cost as the soft tyres require more energy.

All-Terrain Tyres

Hankook All-Terrain tyres are designed to perform on both off and on roads, providing increased control, better cornering, and stability. A hybrid between mud and highway tyres, they provide a smoother ride and reliable traction on tough road conditions. Suitable for rocky terrains, these tires can even outperform four-wheel drive tires due to their unique capabilities. All-terrain tyres work best for light trucks, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Made of large tread block patterns, are useful for traction on all surfaces.

Energy Saving Tyres

All the leading tyres brands manufacture efficient, energy saving tyres that are specifically designed to improve fuel consumption. They also lower CO2 emissions. Energy saving tyres have lower rolling resistance which controls fuel wastage and reduces harmful emissions. Thse tyres are ideal for those people who are environment conscious.

High Performance Tyres

Made from soft rubber, these tires come with rigid side walls, enabling better traction at high speed. Enjoy smooth and comfortable ride, while being assured of safety and reduced wear and tear. High performance tyres allow quick response and react efficiently to sensitive suspension and steering systems.

If you are looking to buy new tyres and not sure which one is the right for you, then consult experts at a local shop near you.