Choosing your first RC car


The fact of guiding a car radio is something that appeals to many people who are mostly real car lovers. In the auto model see the possibility of driving a car to scale and can experiment with various forms of driving without this resulting in personal consequences or extensive damage as it would with real cars.

It is an exciting hobby that brings many benefits and knowledge to the practitioner, especially children as they learn to coordinate different movements with the issuing and react effectively control the vehicle in a given situation. Therefore, you can find the best RC cars here as many also acquire technical knowledge and social relationships are favored by sharing the hobby with other people.

Choosing the type of motor (internal combustion engines / glow or electric motors):

Choosing your first RC car

Heat engines are two-stroke engines (although there is some four-stroke combustion engine) using methanol-based fuel, oil and nitromethane. Its operation is similar to the engine of a small two-stroke motorcycle. Feature shirt, piston, spark plug etc… and we need to have a fuel tank installed, have a system boot and an igniter. The spark plug is resistance heaters and functions as a diesel car.

Electric motors require a speed controller, battery and charger for these batteries. Combustion engines tend to attract more people due to the noise they produce, but why produce noise and may disturb neighbors so we must move to enable a field for them or away from home circuit. However the RC cars with combustion engines have more features and are more than electric, but today’s electric cars, especially racing have more acceleration but not top speed.

In addition, we find WLtoys A959 1 / 18 Scale Fancy 2.4G RC OFF – Road Buggy Racing Car for you, which is available on However, heat engines have more problems when to start and we have more knowledge about them with electric motors. A heat engines need to know and properly roll them, but in my opinion all these difficulties are what makes it a more attractive choice, as they are more real.