4 Ways in Which you Can Save Money on your Car Insurance


After your home, your vehicle will probably be the second most valuable asset that you invest in. Hence, you want to make sure that it is sufficiently insured from any kind of risks associated to accidents and damage while you own it.

Choosing the Right Car Insurance in UAE

There are essentially two types of insurance policies that most owners choose between. A Third Party insurance essentially protects you or any other driver of your vehicle against any form of liability such as death or injury on other road users as a result of a motor accident where you or the driver of your car is at fault.

A comprehensive insurance on the other hand offer this along with damage you incur due to loss of your vehicle or property, theft or damage of your vehicle or damage of someone else’s car.

Saving Money on your Auto Insurance in the UAE

Choosing the right auto insurance and making sure you pay the right price for it can seem to be a daunting task. Here are a few changes you can make or research you can pursue to make sure you are getting the better end of the deal –

4 Ways in Which you Can Save Money on your Car Insurance 2

  • Scouting for various Options

With a variety of insurance companies in the UAE offering a number of vehicle insurance products, you can spend some time online scouting for the option that best suits your need. Compare prices and shortlist the ones that are closest to your requirements.

  • Consolidate all your Insurance with a Single Provider

Having multiple insurance with a number of different providers may not give you any cost benefits. If you deal with only a single insurance company for your medical, life, travel and even car insurance, chances are that you can extract a better rate out of them.

4 Ways in Which you Can Save Money on your Car Insurance 1

  • Maintain a Good Driving Record

Insurance companies tend to be very strict about their background checks and want to make sure that your car does not have any black points with the police database. Depending on your driving record your premium amount may vary. It is thus important that you stick to healthy habits when on the road.

Finally, driving an economic car is also a great way to reduce the amount of premium you pay. Investing in comprehensive car insurance in the UAE is also an excellent way to save tons of money on your premium by getting a rather consolidated cover for all your vehicle needs.