What to do in the first 10 minutes of car rental?

Driver's hands on steering wheel

Driving a car through a new city can be exciting because you actually get to see the city in a new light. You see the good and the bad parts, you get to wander off and just get lost on the small crowded streets. It can be fun, it can be stressful, but regardless of that you get to meet the city in a new way.

                But after you picked up the car do not just hop in and drive off. With the airport traffic, busses and other cars driving around you, you might actually get into a car crash within a mile of the airport.

                Here is what to do in the first 10 minutes of airport car hire:

  1. Scratches check- you chose the cheap airport car hire? Good for you and your budget. But before you drive off into the sunset check for any scratches or marks already on the car. The cheap airport car hire should be just that, cheap, not crooked or scratched. If you find any please tell the company.
  2. Warm up- while now you might be tempted to drive off, stay a bit longer and warm up the car. Let yourself get used to the humming of the engine and now is the moment to see if the car makes weird noises.
  3. Fix the mirrors- the sides mirrors are just as important as the rear view, so do not forget about those. It will save you a lot of heartbeats when you dive into the city’s traffic.
  4. Check a map- check a GPS on your phone or a map you brought from home. Sometimes these airport car hire are placed in the most distant corners of the airport so a wrong turn will make you go back to the luggage area. Also, set your destination on the GPS. This way you will not have to stop in the middle of the street to ask for directions.
  5. Find the basics – check out the air conditioner. If you are in the middle of the summer, you do not want to drive with your windows down only because you did not check the air conditioner. Also figure out the radio. No matter how unnecessary it might seem now, the radio will help you relax at some point. At the same time, find the windows controls. Searching for the controls now can save you a lot of embarrassment later on. Do not forget about the turn controls, which are very important for any driver.
  6. Check out the lights- find the on-off switch now, before you have a cop chasing you because you did not figure out how to turn on the lights.
  7. Check the emergency break- release the emergency break and put the car in gear. Go for the exit and into the big world.

                Doing all the check-ups is very important if you do not want to pay extra money. Not to mention that they will save you a lot of possible troubles.