Honda HRV Lease | New Brand for Leasing Option

Honda HRV Lease

Honda HR-V is really new brand for 2016 which has stylish, sporty and solid foundation mood; its look is beautifully designed with dynamic. It is the first time Honda is offering a subcompact SUV in USA. The inside has the clean and functional style, with relaxed seats all around. Particularly, the backside seat and cargo area are strangely spacious for a just so-called subcompact. They may be configured in various ways, accommodating items approximately eight feet long as well as four feet tall. However, Yonkers Honda offers tremendous opportunities if you seek for buying car. Basically you can buy two kinds of car here such new and used car; parts are available for your convenient as well.

Honda hrv Lease

The leasing is the option that offers more tax breaks for the purchase of transport equipment as it is 100% deductible for ISR in work units and up to $ 6,000.00 plus VAT per month in personal vehicles.

–Low initial outlay without hitch

–Avoid the distraction of working capital in the acquisition of transport equipment.

–It will help to have a fleet of new models.

–Tax benefits, deductibility.

–Including satellite locator

–Within 12 to 48 months

–Pre authorization in 30 minutes

Honda HRV Lease


–The best option is Leases.

–With lower payments market

–We help you to finance your holdings and endorsements.

–We have a convenient way to pay through our affiliate banks.

–Unlimited mileage

–We respond quickly to your request and contracting (response within 24 hours).

–Offering genuine OEM auto parts

–Available certified used cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids


Individual Physical Requirements

–Letter of Authorization for Credit Bureau

–Copy of Official Identification

–Proof of address with no older than 3 months (must be the name of applicant)

–Proof of Income:

–Last 3 States Checks / Savings Account with CLABE

–Last 3 payslips

–Copy of Tax Returns for the last year

–Copy of partial tax payments with no older than three months.

–Copy of Tax Identification Bonds

–Unique Key Population Registration CURP


Moral Person Requirements

Request credit guarantee individual

Letter of Authorization for Credit Bureau

Last 3 States Checks / Savings Account with CLABE

Copy of Official Identification

Proof of offices with no older than 3 months

Financial statements audited by independent public accountant, signed by the Legal Representative and the Public Accountant, attaching the sub-accounts of the accounting transactions. (From the last year and the current year partial)

A copy of the Professional Certificate Public Accountant

Copies of Tax Returns for the last year

Copies of partial tax payments with no majority three months old

Simple copy writing Memorandum and last modification thereto (Duly notarized and stamped by the Public Registry of Property and Commerce)

A simple copy of the deed of existing powers (Powers for acts of administration, lawsuits and collections, subscribe credit and Acts of Dominion)

Copy of Tax Identification Bonds