Toyota Still Leads The Industry With Pioneer Tech


Toyota has been on the market for about 80 years and nobody can compete with it when it comes to reliability and durability. Even Ford and General Motors can’t beat it in world-wide sales. The following information is courtesy of this auto blog by John Dean.

One Of The Greatest To Ever Dominate The Market

Toyota is one of the greatest automobile manufacturers in the world today. It’s a Japanese company, but they’ve got quite a few plants all over the globe, including Europe, and, of course, America. The company was founded back in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, and it was a subsidiary to his father’s company, Toyota Industries. Ever since that day the family business has grown into something truly amazing and Toyota is recognized as one of the best car makers in history, with extra attention to safety, reliability and durability. Come to think of it, world domination was an audacious plan, but they managed to conquer the global market and even make the American brands blush a bit. And they’ve got probably the most loyal fans, thanks to an amazing customer support system and all kinds of incentives. A Toyota car usually lasts about 20 to 30 years, maybe more if you take care of it, and it will usually come with a pretty affordable price-tag, too. Besides, Toyota is the pioneer of the hybrid tech (remember Prius?) This new technology allowed the company to shoot ahead of the competition because of the high gas prices 1.5 decades ago (not some much today, though).


Plans For World Domination? Why Not!

Toyota has a strong presence is pretty much every segment of the industry, be it sedans, SUVs, trucks or – obviously – hybrid vehicles. The company has more than one strong competitor in each field, and that’s why they have huge year-end sales. Besides the models under the Toyota brand, the Japanese giant rolls out luxury cars under the Lexus brand; plus, they’ve got the Scion brand that operates in the US. Toyota keeps on being among the most productive car manufacturers on the planet and a record holder in profit, at least among Japanese companies. They strictly follow the rules and regulations of professional ethics. And, if they keep up the good work, it’s quite possible that Toyota will become the monopolist in the industry (because it already is the wealthiest and the biggest of them all). That’s why they’re constantly investing into new start-ups, looking for new ways to improve their cars, and, therefore, get more profit and more trust from the customers.

Future Developments & Forward-Thinking Tech

Being a business sector pioneer and visionary, Toyota is currently building a car that will be run on sunlight only. However, it will take a couple of years for the vehicle to hit the dealerships. Right now the team behind it is working hard in order to guarantee that it won’t fall behind the major pack in the upcoming years. The company understands how the industry works and is simply trying to stay afloat. It’s natural – every other major (and minor) manufacturer wants to “kill” Toyota and take its place, and that’s why the Japanese are creating all kinds of futuristic concepts – to appeal to a wider audience and to stay on top of things. Don’t forget that they managed not only to survive during the most difficult times after World War II, but also to prosper. Over the years they’ve expanded all over to North America, then South America, then the whole world. Today Toyota is present in every part of the world, including Portugal, Vietnam, Chili, Canada, Nigeria…you name it. Business is booming, and, despite the economical collapse in 2015, they are still breaking year-end sale records and going into 2016 with an impressive line-up of new models.