Why You Should Fix Broken Glass in Your Commercial Vehicle


There no worse feeling than driving down the road on a sunny Florida afternoon and hearing a rock kick up off the road and smack into your windshield. Aside from the momentary startled feeling you get, there is frustration that your commercial vehicle’s windshield is now damaged to some degree. Whether it results in a small chip or a major crack, fixing the glass in your commercial vehicle should now be your number-one priority.


As a commercial driver, the riders in your taxi or individuals receiving your delivered goods aren’t going to view your company brand with much respect if you’re driving around with chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged windshields. Imagine the online reviews if your fleet of rental cars had vehicles with chipped windshields. No consumer wants to pay to rent a vehicle that is visibly damaged. This is one of the primary reasons commercial windshield repair in Pace, FL is important.


The smallest pebbles can create cracks and chips that can worsen over time. Every bump your vehicle hits after that first chip or crack puts increased pressure on the rest of the windshield. In a best-case scenario, the chip or crack slowly increases in size. In the worst-case scenario, a small chip or crack leads to a total blowout of the windshield if a large enough jolt is dealt to the car. Given that most insurance companies provide partial or total compensation to replace windshields, there’s no good reason to avoid getting commercial windshield repair in Pace, FL.

Moving Violation

Whether you drive an airport shuttle van or a work trucks to and from the jobsite, a cracked windshield could cost you more than just the fee to replace it. If law enforcement spots your damaged windshield, it could result in a fine. Many states will first issue a “Fix-it” citation as the first step.

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that Florida Statutes state that “vehicles must have a windshield, and that it is a civil infraction to drive a vehicle that is in an unsafe condition because of faulty or defective equipment that endangers the driver or other members of the public.”

Florida courts have upheld tickets issued to drivers with cracked or broken windshields, deeming the situation an endangerment to the driver and others because it impedes the vision of the driver. It is at the discretion of law enforcement to issue tickets based upon the size of the chip or crack, so don’t waste any more time. Get online and find commercial windshield repair in Pace, FL today!