Scratches Make Your Car Bad Looking – Do this Simple Way to Remove It


Scratches on the windshield is annoying things for the owners of vehicles. Typically, these conditions occur due to dirt on the glass and wiped by wiper. To prevent their car from dust or dirt, people usually using car cover.

Some people think the dirt will be washed away when it rains, but even when the rain was falling dirt come into the glass and cause the wiper swept etched glass.

In addition to making the car seemed dirty and unkempt, scratches on the windshield, especially at the front, can interfere with your vision while driving. Well, to clean up scratches on the windshield, you do not need to bother going to the garage. Because, you can do it yourself at home.

Simple Way to Remove the Straches on the Vehicles

There is a necessary material to help us remove the straches on the vehicles. It is cerium oxide or glass polishing powders. Then, set up also a fine sandpaper and polish pad, drill and attach polish pad on the drills. The last is a water spray equipment, chamois, masking tape and old newspapers.

First clean the glass surface with water and wipe as usual. Check the parts are etched and fine sandpaper brush cutting direction scratches.

If you’ve finished sanding, wash it with water and wipe. Do not forget taped outskirts of the glass so that the car body is not scratched or splashing liquids poles when you clean the glass. You can also cover the car body with old newspapers.

The next step is melt the glass polishing powder with clean water. When mixing the powder with water, pour a little water. The mixture is too liquid can make polishing process longer because of the abrasive nature of the powder is getting low.

The mixture of water and powdered poles above should you apply on backing pad mounted on the drills. Suppose you do not have a drilling tool, you can do it manually, using hands and polishing the glass in a circular motion.

Remember, when polishing the glass, do not constantly polishing in one section while the other just a moment you pass through. Make a circular motion with the average for the entire windshield. Give a little pressure when polishing the glass part is scratched.

When polishing the glass, you should also spraying water on the windshield, it could prevent the windshield cracked wavy or even exposed to frictional heat and abrasive polishing powder.

You can add cerium oxide powder if streaks on the glass is still visible and polishing liquid is almost gone. Polish carefully until no visible scratches earlier. If you have clean, wipe again using a chamois windshield so that the windshield glass sparkling like new.

After it done, use car cover to prevent your car from things which can make a new scratch on your car. Good luck!