Common Gearbox Related Problems


There are plenty of issues that can arise with the gear box in your vehicle. Some cars have a manual transmission, while others have an automatic transmission. However, both of these transmission varieties require proper servicing and maintenance if you want your car to function normally. The gearbox of your vehicle is susceptible to a series of different issues. If the issue happens to be serious, you might have to get the whole gearbox replaced. Here are some of the most common issues that you may encounter with the transmission of your car.

Gear Sticks

Probably the most common issue that you may encounter in a car with a manual transmission is when the gearbox begins to stick as you try to shift the gears. It’s a very common issue that can occur due to a variety of different internal problems. If you experience difficulty with shifting gears, you should take your car into a mechanic’s shop for a diagnosis. The issue may escalate and cause the gearbox to lock up while you are driving, which would probably end up causing a serious accident. Local workshops that offer services for Gravesend gearboxes can diagnose the issue and fix it for you.

Leaking Gear Fluid

The gearbox is always properly insulated to prevent any leakage. The gear fluid is primarily required to allow for the smooth shifting between gears and to keep all the parts properly lubricated. If the gearbox is leaking fluid, you should take it to a local workshop as quickly as possible to get the issue checked out. It might escalate into a much bigger issue if you don’t get it checked on time, as small problems within vehicles tend to exacerbate very quickly. There are plenty of other issues that can arise as well. The car may begin to jerk around when you shift gears or it might make a very unsettling sound when you accelerate. Ideally, regular servicing and maintenance can resolve such problems.