Do You Need a New Rear Axle

New Rear Axle

Power from your vehicle is transferred from the engine to your transmission. From the transmission, the power is taken to the axles. The axles are connected to the wheels and are what actually drive the car. A broken rear axle can occur because of various factors. For one, it can just wear out and get damaged. In other cases, it can be damaged by a very bad pot hole or a bump in the road. The symptoms of a broken rear axle are fairly easy to recognise.

Rear Axle Symptoms

It simple to determine if your rear axle is broken. You should turn your car on and shift it into gear. If you hear loud clunking and grinding when you do so, your rear axle is likely broken. Alternatively, you can drive very carefully, but only do this on a private road with no traffic. If your axle is broken, you will feel rumbling and grinding as you accelerate or as you turn your car. That means you need a new axle. You need to find a good source for car parts in Leeds.

Do not try to drive with a broken axle; eventually the universal joint will break, which will be a costly fix. You need to replace your axle at the first sign of problems. If the universal joint breaks, your car will no longer transmit power to the wheels, and you will be stuck.

Refurbished Parts

Many people choose refurbished rear axles instead of new ones because they will save some money. Be sure to buy your refurbished parts from a reputable dealer who only makes the best repairs. If you buy a refurbished axle that is not in good shape, you could be back in the same situation all over again. Buying a good axle should mean that you don’t have to repair your axle again for decades. When properly taken care of, a rear axle can last for a very long time.