A Guide to Having a Car Resprayed


Restoration, paint jobs and repair bodywork are all key factors in keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition and looking good to the outside world. From time to time, you will need to address the issue – particularly if there has been bodywork damage sustained from wear or tear, vandalism, accidents or a bad winter where all that salt and sand the local councils grit the icy roads with starts to eat away at your trim.Quality is ImportantWhen you have your car or motorcycle resprayed you should check the bodywork centre’s online galleries for examples of previous work carried out, read carefully customers’ reviews and ask if the team at the body spraying centre are qualified with NVQs and paint spraying certification course qualifications.Classic cars are often in need of a respray. Returning a long, lost classic vehicle to somewhere near its former glory is an intricate task. So, whether it’s a scratch, dent or an old Morris Minor that needs to be restored to its halcyon days on the road, you need to make sure the bodywork spray firm has the necessary experience in completing such a task.General Repairs are Different to BodyworkIf you have a general problem with your vehicle, you would naturally take it along to a car repair workshop and allow them to fit or fix engines, carburettors, gear boxes or petrol tanks as necessary. However, if there is an issue with the bodywork, it should be taken to a bodywork repair centre. These firms are experienced in paint respraying and body repair work. But a general car repair garage may claim to be able to respray your vehicle, it is still a wiser move to contact a bodyworks respray centre first. These teams are the experts that will have the tools, experience, qualifications and ethic to repair sensitive cars to a glory that once graced our roads. Better Left to the ProfessionalsA car respray job is not something that we would recommend you attempt by yourself. Even if you are fairly knowledgeable in general car maintenance, this job is best left to those who know what they are doing. There are chemicals in car paint spray which can prove to be hazardous. A bodyworks repair centre will have the necessary skills and training to make sure health and safety is adhered to at all times.