Cars We Can Expect By the Year 2020


People can be very sentimental as well as passionate about their cars, if not all then at least most of them. Car enthusiasts love how the latest technologies will transform their vehicles by 2020. By simply reading them below you will feel as if it is the page straight out of the script for a movie or a draft from a sci-fi novel.

But I assure you it is none of that instead is as much real as it can get. Here what we can expect in car technology by the year 2020.

Active Window Displays

Also called head-up display tech whereby information is shown in transparent form on the windshield thereby eliminating the need for having to check your mobile phones for any route info. The technology took 20 years in the making and is soon going to revolutionize our lives.

In other words you can call it a navigation mechanism which will point out the next exit or turn by displaying it on your car windscreen.

Autonomous Vehicles

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because efforts are already underway by the giants like Google and Apple. As of late, Uber has switched to driverless car systems as well. Hence, it can be predicated that by 2020 most of the vehicles will be autonomous. Although, circumstances will be quite tailored for them to run.

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

It is not being actively pursued by automobile companies per se but it comes as voluntary to be honest. Governments and insurance companies are debating over assigning insurance fees for it. Word is that they are looking to bring down the insurance fee if you rely on them to track your car and have them check miles you’ve traveled.

Driver Override Systems

It is intended to improve the driver’s security. This technology will pave way for used car auction in japan to override the driver’s commands under the conditions where it can be life threatening for the driver or under other extreme situations as well.

It be able to accelerate or be able to apply brakes as and when needed. It is yet to be seen that if it can be as practical as bringing your car to a complete halt without you having to put a foot on the pedal.

Flying Cars

Again the concept can be straight from Blade Runner 2049 but this is quickly becoming a reality. This a fantasy every car lover has at least once given thought about. Let me break this news to you. The first maa car auction flying car Aero Mobil 3.0 from Slovakia is soon going to become available to the general public.

However, the question will be who can afford as it is naturally going to be very costly. The car will be able to make landing at any of the airports and you can take it to any gas station for refueling.

Health Monitoring

Ford is the frontrunner with this technology as it has already installed sensors and have had them previewed by embedding them in seatbelts and steering wheels so that it can monitor the vital stats of the human being.

Already the world has made increasing developments in the sector of wearable technologies and combined with health monitoring technology it can do wonders.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

I think we all know what this is. The technology is widely available already in cars. However, certain bad experiences occurred over the period of time which has led the founding company Telematics to put a stop to this technology in cars. But you can expect by the year 2020 people utilizing it in a more mindful manner.