Looking for the best car covers, especially those that are all weathered, it’s hard to find. You need cover your vehicle, from extern elements like dust, rain, snow, hail, and sunlight. The car needs to be covered both when inside and outside, to prevent the external parts of the car to get damaged. These car covers help keep away dust that may see its way inside the machines of the vehicle, this may damage the inside of the car, but when the car is covered well, the cover keeps it from getting dusty or get scratched that will remove the paint.

There are different varieties of covers to choose from, that will help you protect your vehicle appropriately from external factors at the region or at the specific time like during the times of heavy snow, you should choose a cover that will protect your vehicle best at the moment. Each cover has its uniqueness that makes it best for its function, so if you are looking for a cover, look for a cover that best fits your vehicle or truck.

Waterproof covers work best in rainy seasons; they keep away water from leaking through the cover and reaching the internal parts of the car when water reaches the internal components of the vehicle it may cause rusting or electric shock to some parts.

Some Car covers keep away ultraviolet rays from the sun. Thus rays damage the paint of the car, and may cause fading of the color or cracking; this covers to keep the car from overheating thus making the car more comfortable even when it’s too hot.

This article gives you the two best car covers that are best for most of the weathers.

  • Motor trend all season weather wear

This cover is unique in its functioning and its make. It’s made of water-resistant polyester. Thus it prevents water leakage inside the car; this makes this cover suitable during rainy seasons. This cover also has a non-absorbing solar reflective feature that enables to repel the sun rays that may damage the paint on the car. Also, this feature makes the make to resist heat thus the car will not overheat. The cover has its bag that makes it easy to be carried around.

  • Oxgord executive storm

This cover is made of seven layers of material; they are waterproof and breathable, these layers have five layers of spunbond polypropylene, one layer of microporous film and one layer of cotton. The cotton layer is placed at the bottom to soften the layer against the car to avoid scratching; it also prevents the ultraviolet rays of the sun to penetrate through and reach the vehicle, this maintains the paint from fading.This cover has elastic strips at the edges this makes it be tight and fit the car tightly. Thus the cover can’t fly away in case of the weather getting too windy. This cover is best used outdoors

You need to get covers that will help maintain tour vehicle fine and intact paint and keep it safe away from external damages that mostly come from foreign elements as weather changes over time