Is Your Car Covered for Hail Damage?

Car Covered for Hail Damage

What weather-related damage an insurance company covers depends on the organization. Some discount firms handle very few claims related to weather. On the other hand, bigger agencies handle most problems.

Hail to Hail

However, one of the items that is covered in many cases is hailstorms. That’s because a powerful hailstorm can cause significant damage to a vehicle’s exterior. To the point that it can’t be driven anymore. But why would this be covered as opposed to flooding or another natural disaster?

It’s All About the Ice

It comes down to what these hail stones are comprised of. During powerful storms, rain droplets are swept into the colder atmosphere by strong winds. There, they freeze to become hail. As more droplets gather together, the hail becomes an irregular-shaped hailstone. When it gets too heavy for the atmosphere to handle it, the stone falls to the ground. Soon enough, a green pasture on a summer’s day can look like a winter storm just passed by.

The Size of the Hail Determines the Damage

Hailstones around the diameter of a dime, about half an inch, do very little damage. If anything, the sound of the hail pelting your car is more annoyance than threatening. It’s when they reach the diameter of a quarter, around one inch, that there can be serious problems. At that size or larger, hailstones make large dents in your car’s exterior. And, if the storm is long enough, it might cause cracks on your windshield or back window. On the rare occasion, enough hail stones can shatter those windows.

How do I Know the Extent of Damage?

You get a free estimate for hail damage repair Lakewood co at outlets like Jewell Collision. They’ll examine your vehicle and provide an approximate repair cost.