Why You Should Have Your Car Detailed

mobile car detailing

Is your car a few years old and have you noticed a few tiny nicks and scratches in the paintwork? Chances are, your car is no longer looking like the showroom masterpiece it did when you first bought it and this can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are still making those expensive car payments every month!

We all (well, most of us, anyway!) take pride in our cars and we love to see them looking as good as they possibly can. Unfortunately, it is often not enough to have them washed, vacuumed and even polished once a week. Sometimes, just like their human owners, our cars need special spa treatments (such as mobile car detailing) to have them looking like new again.

mobile car detailing

Mobile car detailing specialists, unlike run of the mill car washes, use specialized procedures to thoroughly wash your car. For example, they never use dirty towels which have been used on other cars before yours as they know that this can put dirt back onto your car and even scratch it.

Depending on which package you select, your auto detailer will most likely correct any scratches and imperfections on your vehicle’s paintwork before sealing it with a long-lasting and protective coating. This coating creates a beautiful shine which is similar to a wax, only with a much more brilliant shine. Due to its longevity, you will not have to wax your car for 5 years!

It is well worth having your car detailed as you can add on additional services such as an interior vapor steam clean for your car’s interior. You could also have your seats thoroughly steam cleaned.

In addition to all of the above, a mobile car detailing service will come to you, which means that it is incredibly convenient. With services like this, now you have no excuse to give your car the extra TLC it deserves!