What Kind of Used Truck Do You Need?

2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty

If you’re looking for a used truck for sale in Cranbury NJ, you should probably determine what kind of truck you need. Different trucks are made for different purposes, which is why you should first determine what sort of capability you’re looking for in a truck. Here are some suggestions for deciding what you need.

What are you doing with the Truck?

The first step is to determine why you are buying a used truck. Are you looking to haul heavy loads? Are you towing something with it most of the time? Will it need extra room for more people than a standard cab offers? Are you getting a truck as a light duty hauler? Do you need four wheel drive or will two wheel drive be okay? Are you in need of heavy duty or light duty? Is gas mileage an important requirement? You should know all these things when determining what kind of truck you need.

Four Wheel Drive Versus Two Wheel Drive

If  you’re looking for a used truck for sale in Cranbury NJ. you may be thinking you’ll need four wheel drive or all wheel drive for the snow and ice of winter. This is important if you’re planning on using the truck during winter or off road. Two wheel drive trucks are usually less expensive and work just fine on roads except during the most inclement weather. If your truck is only used part time to haul things, a two wheel drive truck might work well.

Heavy Duty Truck or Light Duty Truck?

Now you need to consider what you’re using your truck for. If you are mostly using it like an automobile with occasional light hauling, or if you use it as a basic work truck that doesn’t have to tow or haul heavy loads, a light duty truck will work best for you. Light duty trucks are usually half ton rated or less and have a more comfortable ride than heavy duty trucks. Because they aren’t in demand for hauling and towing, you’re likely to find a light duty truck for less than a heavy duty truck. The lighter duty trucks are more likely to get better gas mileage too.

How Much Towing/Hauling Are You Planning on Doing?

If you’re towing a trailer, hauling cargo, or requiring that your truck carry plows, winches, or other devices, you’re going to need a heavy duty truck. A heavy duty truck has a beefed up suspension, a gear ratio in the axle for serious torque, and usually a more powerful engine. Any truck that you are considering buying should have the towing and hauling specifications in the owner’s manual or look them up online. If you are really planning on working this truck, be sure to not purchase an underrated truck. You will break parts and can even be a safety hazard if the truck is overloaded for it’s purpose.

How Many People are You Carrying?

If you have several people in a team who need to go to a job site, or if you plan on using the truck as a family car occasionally, get an extended cab, crew cab, or other sized cab. Otherwise you won’t be able to bring them safely and comfortably.