Used Cars or CPO? Which is the best choice?

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Branded choices are obviously the best choice that anyone can make. The feel of the new car is obviously the best thing to be felt. The pleasure is immense and something that nothing in the world can replace. However, not all can buy a new car. The prices of such a car are hiked so much that it seems to be a dream.

The alternative to a branded car is a used car or a CPO. The confusion doesn’t arise in the selecting a branded car and a used cars in freno but in choosing a used car and a CPO. Both of then seems simpler but here is where the people make the mistakes. However before knowing which to buy let us know what the difference is.

The difference

There are buzzes among the unknown that the CPOs and the used car are the same, whereas the fact is completely different. Let us clear out the difference in the next point.

  • Used cars: these are the cars that have been used by the previous owners and maybe some other owner. Once the previous owners wish to sell the present car, he makes the bigger issues checked and repair. He leaves the issues that are not detectable by the new buyer. Hence the purchase doesn’t guarantee you of the performance. The used cars are sold man to man and in some case in the presence of a dealer
  • CPO: CPO, on the other hand, is used cars by the car is thoroughly checked in by an authority. The authority or the manufactures look into all the issues and resolves it to the best way possible. This is what differentiates it from the used cars in the market. CPO is sold to the dealer and the dealer modifies it and sells it to the customers.

The best choice

Both have its demerit and both merits that stand out of each other.

  1. Since the CPO is reviewed by the seller and all the repairs are to best condition hence the CPO can give you warranty and hence it is safer to buy. Whereas in case of the used cars there is no warranty except that the previous owner can you a verbal guarantee of the car but ain’t really reliable to make the purchase.
  2. Since the CPOs are inspected and repaired and hence they include the cost of it in the prices and hence they are always expensive than used
  3. Even though you may seem is great with a test drive but a single drive cannot determine the performance of the car. There is no way other in the future if some errors arrive. You have to spend dollars on the repair thereafter.


The CPO is the best to be considered because it a onetime investment and you get a warranty that gets it repaired within that period for free. This is not the car of with used cars.