What Is The Aquapel Windshield Treatment


Aquapel is the name of a really popular auto glass treatment option that is offered at the moment by many service providers. It is really useful because it will offer a strong barrier against rain and will improve how you see the road while you drive during severe weather conditions.Victoria Aquapel windshield treatment can basically be used for every single vehicle and drivers will surely enjoy the clear vision offered. When a glass specialist applies the treatment, the following main advantages become instantly noticed:

  • A remarkably improved vision because rain is repelled.
  • Cleaning dirt, snow and ice becomes a lot easier.
  • Water marks will be reduced.
  • Rain glare is reduced – this is especially visible during nights.

Being Safer When Driving

One of the biggest advantages associated with this windshield treatment is that you are going to be a lot safer when you drive your car. Such a treatment will be long-lasting and highly resilient. As you drive you do not have to worry too much about the weather and the fact that visibility is really high is something that you will want to take into account. Safe driving is a concern these days and the truth is that this simple windshield treatment can help much more than what people expect.

Clear Vision

The difference between a windshield that is not treated and one that is treated is quite high. Aquapel is useful in various different real life scenarios. The vision that is offered is almost always clearer, especially when driving as it rains. Driving professionals will always want to be sure that they have clear visibility as they drive their vehicles. Truckers, for instance, drive really long distances. If vision is not clear, the driver becomes tired faster and accidents can easily happen.

Who Is Aquapel Recommended For?

What is really interesting for many with the Aquapel windshield treatment is that it is useful for practically all car owners. In many cases we see that it is recommended for the driving professionals but that is not the only group of drivers that want to consider it. If you are constantly driving in conditions that are dangerous and you want to be safe, such a treatment will offer the advantages you look for.

The only problem is that Aquapel cannot actually be used on some of the tinted or already treated windshields. There are materials that will interfere and will not allow the Aquapel treatment to properly bond. It is the job of the person that performs the treatment to see if this is the case. It is not hard for a professional to realize if a bonding problem appeared or not.


If you want to increase driving safety, the Aquapel windshield treatment is one that you will want to take into account. However, in many cases we see that some repairmen in auto shops cheat people by offering something else and billing for this treatment. It is really important that the windshield treatment is done by someone that does have a spotless reputation.