What Does That Sound Mean


You are going to experience car troubles at some point in owning and operating a vehicle. There’s basically no way to avoid having some kind of car trouble. You can minimise those troubles by driving carefully, keeping a close watch on different elements of your vehicle, and listening for certain sounds. Your car will make certain sounds when something is going wrong.

A Few Sounds

If you hear any of these sounds, you know that you need Witney garage services.

  • If you hear your vehicle making a whining sound when you start it, that is likely the fan belt. If the fan belt is malfunctioning, it will usually stop making the noise after a few minutes.
  • A ticking sound is usually an indication that your belt tensioner is undergoing some kind of difficult. The ticking will come from under the hood. You’ll need to get that looked at before the tensioner malfunctions.
  • If you hear the car making a crunching or grinding noise when you make turns, your CV joints are malfunctioning.

What to Do

When you hear any of these sounds, you need to make sure that you take your vehicle to a mechanic as quickly as possible. Most of these sounds are accompanied by no discernible problems with the driving performance. However, it will still mean that you need to get it looked at. They’re usually indications that something will be going wrong in the near future. Getting out ahead of the problem will reduce the possibility that you will experience a failure while driving.