Top Guides for Car Transmission Rebuilding


If you are from one of those fields where transmission is well taught – fields like mechanical engineers, mechanics and power transmission engineering – then you might feel, like most others, which you can achieve anything with the knowledge you have acquired over time. So if you too want to do some of this heroic task, like transmission rebuild of your old car and make it work in the new way then this guide is for you. The guide is also for other people who are looking for some ideas on transmission rebuilding strategies, and how much can it cost.

Know your Transmission

Typically to rebuild a transmission at a service center it might be around one and half thousand dollars in which all your work can be done, on an average. So if you are looking for a less valuation, then you might want to do it at your home. For this, the first thing that you will need is the make and model of the transmission and you should know what type of transmission it is (weather auto, or semi auto or manual ones). When you have acquired these knowledges you need to know what the parts that are associated with it, and for this you might have to look at your local stores or even some online car parts repairs web sites, which can help you out.

In some forums and guides it is mentioned that using scrap and materials form junkyards is enough to repair your transmission, which in a way is true but you have to be careful when you want to choose these materials from the junkyards since most of the time they are not very helpful and can break with little wear and tear and thus you will need to replace it once more.

The best solution for this is, if you have more than one or two old transmission systems, then you can interchange and combine parts of each other and make one fully functional one, or even more than one even the condition suffices.

This is a specialist’s job and we highly recommend you reach out to a professional. This is a guide to tell you what the steps are. You may need to do an extensive search on how to do each of these steps. However, here are the things you should do.

Check for transmission fluid level:

This is one of the easiest DIY task in transmission rebuilding.

  • You must first park your vehicle on a level surface.
  • Start the engine & warm up to operating temperature
  • Once warm, press the brake pedal and shift through all gears but make sure you pause for a few moments after shifting to each gear and then to neutral / park.
  • Open the hood
  • With the engine running, locate the transmission dipstick.
  • Pull it out and check the fluid level. Clean it with a rag, insert, pull out and check the fluid level again.
  • If it is up to the marked level, no change required
  • If not, you will have to use a funnel and add ¼ ot ½ quart of fluid.
  • Check the condition of this fluid.
  • Change the fluid and filter
  • Flush your automatic transmission
  • Release shift lever stuck in park
  • Replace transmission to neutral safety switch
  • Install automatic transmission oil cooler
  • Fix any automatic transmission fluid leak.

Most of the automatic transmission failure is caused by adverse fuid conditions like low fluid oil, or old or dirty fluid oil etc.

  • You must also research on
  • Which transmission fluid to use
  • How to remove an automatic transmission.
  • How to install an automatic transmission
  • How to replace a transmission speed tester

These are the steps you should look for or research if you are looking at doing it yourself. Click here for more information about car transmission rebuilding.