Tips to Renting a Car in a Big City


Traveling to a big city can be quite fun and exciting especially if the trip is for leisure. Renting a car is necessary in some cities but not all of the cities around the country. New York City is a great example of a city where a car isn’t necessary because of the large amount of public transportation. The following are some things to consider when renting a car in a big city.

How is the Terrain

In certain countries the terrain can be quite treacherous so renting a SUV might be the best option. In countries that have smaller roads that were built hundreds of years ago you might want to consider a compact car. Simply asking the rental car agent what would be the best option sometimes will work best.

Is There Parking?

In some cities there are quite expensive parking garages that cost outrageous amounts of money. Couple that with some cities handing out parking citations like crazy and it might not be worth renting a car. If you get a parking ticket check out what other people have said on forums that discuss parking eye fines or tickets.

What Will You Venture Out To See

Sometimes there can be an attraction that is a bit out of the city. Considering the gas costs of certain places is important as sometimes gas prices can be up to 6 or 7 dollars per gallon. If you are going to venture around a city or country you should pick the car that is best suited for saving gas.

As you can see there are plenty of things to think about when renting a car on your next trip. Consider these things before you embark on your next venture.