Things to know before buying new tyres for your car


Most of the people don’t bother about the condition of their vehicle’s tyres. Tyres only get the attention when they are completely damaged and need to be replaced. But, buying new tyres could be confusing. Getting the best and the cheapest ones is tough. Different kinds of tyres offer different fuel economy, grip, speed, handling, etc. You must consider all these factors while selecting them and some tips for the same are given here.

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  • It would not make any sense if you replace your tyres even if it was not required. To know whether your car needs new tyres, you can take a quick look over them and see, if there are any cracked sidewalls, tread wear or any discoloration. If you find something like this, then there surely is a need to replace your tyres.
  • There are many people might think that the stock tyres would be the best for them. But, you need not to go for those same tyres. First think of what you need. If you need a better fuel economy, go for those with best economy, and likewise.
  • It is also important that you take a look at the user’s manual that came along with your car. The manufacturers give recommended tyre sizes and tyre types in the manual. Based on this information, you can select the best tyres for your vehicle.
  • In the market, same kind of tyres can be of different prices. So, before buying them you should compare tyre prices. Go to different places and talk to different sellers for this. Also ask about the labor charges which some might add up to your bills.
  • If even one of your car tyres needs to be replaced, consider replacing all of them. If you don’t do so there could be a decrease in the car’s performance. A full matching set will give out the maximum possible performance based on the type of tyres you bought.
  • If you shop for your tyres through online retailers, you could save a lot of money and you might be able to get a discount too. Some retailers also offer installation of the tyres and that too at a pre-negotiated price. You might or might not get all these benefits if you buy from the local markets.
  • Lastly, remember, before you finalize something; do check for the reviews and the ratings of the tyre company you plan to shop. For this you can use the Internet. This would give you an idea of what price range, quality and type of tyres you can expect in the market. This might also help you in being sure that you want to go for those tyres or not.
  • While getting your tyres replaced, don’t forget about the spare. Check if the spare needs to be replaced too. It would be best to buy a new one. But, if your old ones are of same type as the new ones, ask your tyre guy to keep the best one. By this you can save a bit of money.