The Economics of Renting a Car


Going on holiday is one of the most interesting and exciting times of the year. Some people have the luxury of going on holiday more than once a year, but going once every few years is more typical. The most serious impediments to going on holiday are the price and the time you miss at work. One of the biggest expenses of any given holiday is the price of transportation. You have a myriad of options, but they all have some expenses attached; you can call cabs to get around, you can hire a driver, you can rideshare, or you can rent a car. Renting a car is the most affordable solution and offers you the most freedom. Here is why.

The Most Freedom

Renting a car provides the most freedom and flexibility for your holiday. Ridesharing apps have grown very popular recently because they give you access to someone from the area who can drive you around and get you where you need to go. There are some great ridesharing apps available, but they are still in development. Though they are available for public use, they are still being honed and tweaked. Furthermore, you do not provide the same kind of freedom that you get with a rental car. You have to order a ride on the app and then wait for the person to arrive at your location. That can waste time as well as money. You are also limited as to where you can go, because each driver has a certain range that they stay within. So, if you suddenly have an urge to visit the countryside, you might not be able to get there with a taxi or a shared ride.

A car rental in Christchurch will allow you to drive all around the city and into the countryside. It provides you with an incredible amount of freedom, and also allows you to save a lot of money.

Saving Money

A ridesharing app or a taxi has two separate expenses. You have to pay the per-mile or per-kilometre fee for the driver; those fees tend to be incredibly high. Then, on top of that, you are often expected to tip the driver for a job well done. Those two prices can be higher than the price of a rental car after only one or two rides.

When you rent a car, you should make sure that you are not renting from one of the rental firms that stake a position at the airport. These might tout themselves as the most convenient, but they are located at the airport because they want a captive customer base. The cost of doing business at the airport is so high that they will charge you a lot of money to make up for their expenses. Furthermore, they know that you are stuck at the airport until you get a car, so they charge you as if you have no choice. These two factors make renting from one of these firms very expensive. You should order from a rental firm that will actually drive the car to the airport for you. You should be able to book appointments and choose the kind of car you want online. That is the most economical way to rent a car.