The Advantages of CNC Machines


A computer numerical control, or CNC machine, can be used to create a number of different components and objects. Many tasks that were once done manually, including milling, drilling, turning, threading, tapping, and grinding, are now done by computerised equipment. Working with an engineering company that operates these machines can save you a good amount of time, and money, because you can take advantage of the many different benefits a CNC machine provides. Here are some of those benefits and how they can help you create products faster and for less money.

They Work Continuously

Once a CNC machine has been programed, it can continue working with no interruptions, unless it breaks down. This means these machines can work around the clock, every day, to produce components and materials. The only time they need to be shut down is for regular maintenance. Other than that, projects can be programmed in and queued up so that as soon as one is done, the next one starts. Your jobs can be completed much more quickly since the machines are continuously working.

Fewer Experts Are Needed

Instead of needing to hire a large number of trained experts to run manual machines, a company only needs a few CNC engineers to oversee the entire plant. These experts are trained in how to program CNC machines, how to make repairs, and how to maintain them. Different training is needed to operate CNC machines, too. This training is often done on virtual machines, in a method similar to playing a computer game. This lets operators learn without worrying about damaging the machines or wasting materials.

It actually very little time to learn how to work one of these machines, and one trained CNC operator can normally work on any CNC machine. That’s not true with manual devices. Companies that specialise in general engineering in Perth don’t have to worry about finding experts in lathes, milling machines, and other equipment. Instead, they only need to hire a few CNC operators.

Every Product Is Identical

With manual machining, it’s possible each product will have a slight defect or difference. Human operators cannot produce thousands of identical components. CNC machines, however, can. Every item produced will be identical to every other item in the run, even if you need thousands of these items produced. If you later need to order additional runs of the product, every item in these new batches will perfectly match those in the original order.

Machines Can Produce Items Humans Cannot

Programmed CNC machines are actually capable of creating some products and components that humans simply can’t make, due to the details and precision needed. Even the most skilled operators cannot make some things that computer-controlled machines can.

CNC machines can also be quickly and easily updated to create new products, by adding new software or by replacing a few key parts. Many of these machines are actually designed to be updated so companies don’t have to purchase entirely new machines in the future.