So You Got a DUI… Now What


Driving under the influence is a serious offense, one that can result in fines, loss of driving privileges, probation and even jail time. Taking the right steps following a DUI arrest can reduce or possibly eliminate penalties, but you need to act quickly. Gathering information, requesting hearings and seeking legal representation should be on your short list of to-dos if you find yourself in this situation. A professional traffic ticket lawyer from The Ticket Clinic could aid you in winning your case.

Get the Facts Straight

Start by organizing pertinent information, which includes logging details of the arrest and seeking witnesses. A witness could be an acquaintance, friend or family member, but their testimony is more likely to help if they had contact with you before, during or after the incident. In some circumstances, statements contradicting those of the arresting officer can impact a final judgment.

Be sure also to write down any and all specifics about the DUI stop, including:

  • Why you were initially detained, according to the officer;
  • The time, date and location you were stopped;
  • Information you provided regarding food or drink you’d recently consumed;
  • What type of sobriety testing was performed.

This info could be of assistance to you and your legal representative, a.k.a. drunk driving lawyer, in court. Record information as soon as possible to avoid forgetting or confusing any of the details.

Schedule Hearings

If your license is suspended or revoked, you’ll need to contact a DMV Driving Safety Office (not simply your local branch) to request a hearing within 10 days of the initial action. You can also request copies of the evidence against you at this time. This hearing determines that the suspension or revocation was lawful and reasonable, and is separate from court proceedings to determine if you’re guilty or innocent of any criminal act(s).

Seek Qualified Counsel

A qualified attorney can prove invaluable in a court of law. Don’t take chances with your future—trust experience and proven results. Ticket Clinic has an extensive track record of successful representation in California DUI cases, and they provide much more than simple administrative assistance. Get real, affordable in-court representation today and fight your DUI conviction with confidence.