Signs That You Need New Tyres


Your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road. They are often considered the car’s most important safety feature. Despite their importance, though, too many people neglect their tyres. The problems on tyres aren’t always immediately apparent so they’re easier to ignore. If you blow out a tyre on the highway or lose traction while driving, you will wish you had paid closer attention to your tyres. Here are a few things to look for.

Uneven Wear

If your tyres are wearing unevenly, you could have a problem. If they are wearing down in the middle of the tyre but not on the edges, they are likely over-inflated. That can hurt your traction as well as the longevity of the rubber. You should deflate them to the recommended psi. If they are wearing down on the edges but not the middle, they are probably under-inflated. You should add some air. Furthermore, if the tyres are wearing unevenly from each other, you should rotate them so that they are all getting the same wear. Also, you should consider having your car balanced and aligned.

Those who specialise in East Sussex tyres can address any problems that result in uneven wear on your tyres.

Losing Air

Your tyres can lose air for any number of reasons. The most obvious and most common reason is some kind of puncture. If they are losing air very slowly over the course of several days, you have a tiny leak somewhere. The easiest way to find that leak is to mix some soapy water and pour it over your tyres. The leaking air will cause bubbles to surface at the spot of the puncture. If you don’t know how to patch your tyre or don’t have the time, a specialist can repair it for you.