Read the Car Models Reviews of All Top Class Cars Brands

Jaguar XJ220

Car today is a necessity but there are also a number of luxury cars which are indeed a dream to many. Luxury and top class cars are now days available with high end features.

We in this article bring to you our review of car models reviews of some top class cars.

Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar XJ220:  This is an outstanding model from the year 1988 and is a long a sleek car with has a mid engined coupe. The body of the car was in aluminum and the engine of this was a massive V12 which produced more than 500 bhp. It was known to be the best and the fastest with a five speed manual gearbox. This also has its place as the best among the top classic cars.

The Honda NSX: Honda, the best from the country Japan is known to have created some great engineering models and Honda NSX being one of them. This car also has the credit to have won the Grands Prix in 1960 and it also has four Constructer‘s title too.

The Gumpert Apollo: Though the car Gumpert Apollo is not pretty to look at, it is a bundle of features which every car lover would go mad about. The car was developed by the former director of Audi and thus has a number of Audi parts used for the construction. The design of this car looks like that of a super car.

The Ford GT: Ford in year 2002 created this unique master piece named Ford GT to mark its centenary. They have planned and this created a successor to the famous and the legendary GT40 which was from 1960s. This is a concept car which was unveiled at the Detroit Auto show in year 2002.

The Ferrari F40: Enzo Ferrari stated when introducing this car to the World that he had asked his engineersto build the best car and they gave him this. This car was unveiled in year 1988 which also marks the 40th year of Ferrari. This is indeed special and remembered as it was launched just before the death of its founder the same year.

The above mentioned are the reviews of some of the best cars we got to see till date. There are also many others which evolved with time but these amazing speeding cars have everything special about them.