Quality Parts and Outstanding Warranties: A Wise Choice


For more than a century people have lived in a mobile world, depending on cars and trucks to get them where they need to go. A reliable and experienced mechanic or repair technician is one of the most important people in the lives of working men and women. Without this individual, many people would not make it through the day.

Behind the scenes but perhaps just as important is the individual who finds, recommends, and sells quality parts for the vehicles people use every day. If you have a car or truck and have had difficulty locating the right part at the right price, you know this is true. Fortunately, there are companies operating today who specialise in this important sector. They find, clean, check, and catalogue thousands of parts for a variety of vehicles.

Added Benefit

In addition to maintaining a massive inventory of essential parts, the leaders in this field also back those parts with both new-part warranties and used-part warranties. They have established a business that operates on a large but efficient scale, offering parts to businesses that focus on crash repair as well as to individual mechanics and fleet owners. Because they are knowledgeable and efficient, these top suppliers can often save the customer 50% or more on a recycled part.

If you’re looking for Toyota parts online in Adelaide, you have access to one of the industry leaders. They stock quality parts for Toyota, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, Holden, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Kia, and many more makes. But you won’t have to visit a sprawling and disorganised parts yard to get the item you need. The leaders in this industry now operate on an organised and modern basis with professional and friendly staff members who focus on customer service as much as on products.

When a mechanic, a fleet owner, or a repair shop is looking for parts, they are working for a customer who needs and deserves to receive the quality that he or she pays for. Successful companies in the auto parts industry make sure the working repairman can get the needed part at a price that will benefit everyone involved. To accomplish this, the top businesses maintain an inventory of thousands of individual parts for cars, light trucks, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and commercial vehicles.

Peace of Mind

As you read about the new modern world of auto parts, you realise the part you need is cleaned, inspected, and waiting for you on the shelf when you arrive. But the added benefit mentioned earlier makes buying from these leading providers a smart decision. They offer several warranty levels ranging from Platinum and Gold to Silver and Standard. One of these is right for you.

The Platinum plan provides life coverage for the replacement of purchased parts. All labour expenses are covered for 12 months/20,000km from the date of purchase. Gold enhanced cover applies for 12 months/20,000km with labour expenses covered for 12 months. The Silver plan is the most popular and is highly suggested by the company. Your part is covered for six months/10,000km from the time of purchase with labour expenses covered for six months. Standard cover on all parts is three months/5,000km.