Nitrogen Vs. Air in Car Tyres


With the rapid growth of technology, the automotive industry isn’t going to be left untouched. Recently, there has been a spike in users putting pure nitrogen in their tyres instead of normal air filling. There are quite a few reasons why this is beneficial to the overall performance of the vehicle.

The Stability of Your Tyres

Because nitrogen doesn’t penetrate rubber has much as oxygen, the tyre pressure will remain stable for much longer. The pure nitrogen is also less likely to be affected by temperature change, unlike normal air. With normal air, warmer temperatures can cause tires to flatten more quickly. Nitrogen doesn’t have this immediate problem. This is the main reason why race car drivers have made the switch to pure nitrogen.

Why Regular Air Is a Poor Choice

Despite its prevalence, there are cons to using air in your tires. While normal air for tyres already contains almost 80% nitrogen, the oxygen promotes moisture and humidity within the tyre. By eliminating oxygen and replacing with 100% nitrogen, you reduce the risk of moisture accumulating.

Regular air in tyres may cause a bit more moisture, which severely affects the performance of the vehicle. Humidity in the car tyres causes temperamental pressure changes when the temperature fluctuates. Your tyre pressure may drop if the temperature decreases quickly, increasing your risk of problems on the road. This also allows the encouragement of corrosion and rust around the rims due to oxidation. Filling tyres with nitrogen isn’t as simple as filling with air due to the release of moisture. Choosing a professional company that’s experienced in such services, like Dial a Tire, will allow you to reduce the risk of damaging the tires while becoming educated on how the process happens.

Compressed air is also extremely harmful to your tyres. This is because the air going through a compressor allows oil and water to accumulate, which further harms the tyres and rims through oxidation and instability. Pressure changes are inevitable with regular air, as oxygen particles are extremely small, allowing the PSI to fluctuate.

The Stability of Your Pockets

When you choose to have your tyres filled with pure nitrogen over air, you can bet that you’ll save on maintenance costs as well promote fuel efficiency in your vehicle. Tyre pressure affects how much power it takes to make your car drive smoothly, and tyre resistance can waste a lot of fuel. Continuous tyre stability will help promote a smoother ride over a longer term, allowing you to save hundreds on fuel.

The Issue of Under Inflation

The use of regular and compressed air has caused a serious underinflation issue around the world. In the United States alone, over 8.5 million gallons of fuel are wasted each day because of tyre instability. This causes the tyre to become worn out more quickly and the driver to lose out on hundreds of dollars. When tyres are properly inflated, drivers can save 10% on fuel costs and reduce 90% of tire blowouts.