Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Shape


Changing your oil out every so many months is something that you absolutely cannot afford to put off and most vehicle owners are fairly good at never going past the time to change the oil. However, there are many more owners who do put it off, which can lead to severe damage to the engine and a high repair bill once you get the car out of the garage. In addition, there are a number of other problems that could be avoided simply by keeping up with basic vehicle maintenance and using preventative tactics.


If you notice that the tread on your tire has less than 0.16 centimetre of thickness left, it may be time that you consider replacing the tires on your vehicle. This is because worn-out tread could lead to hydroplaning if you are not careful on a wet or icy road. In addition, worn-out tires cannot grip the ground as well and will force you to take sharp curves at a much slower speed to avoid flipping the car or, worse, harming yourself.

Fortunately, garage services in Middlesex are as fast as they are cost-effective, leaving you with a reasonable bill and a quick turnaround for the repair. If you do not need to replace your tires outright, it may be a good idea to have then rotated while you are there. This can help you keep fresher tires on the side of your vehicle responsible for braking, such as the front wheels or the back wheels.


The best way to notice a leak is to park your car and then look for pools of liquid underneath whenever you pull away. Coolant will have a green, orange, or yellow colour and no other fluid will have that distinctive appearance. Leaking coolant can be stopped if you bring the vehicle in for servicing right away. If you avoid it, you could cause catastrophic engine overheating and a number of other costly repairs.