Importance of Asking for Samples of Tinting Before Selecting a Car Tinting Service


Many people believe that car tinting is not important, but that is not correct, especially if you want your ride to be in top condition. One simple reason to have your car tinted is to protect its interior from harmful UV rays, which can cause irreversible damage. By keeping sunlight out of your car, you will also be able to keep it a touch cooler. There may be many other reasons to have your car tinted, but be sure to let a professional handle everything for you.

You can easily find a list of tint shops, but you need to know how to select the best one. One simple way is to ask them for some samples. You can certainly go online to read reviews and check what others are saying about a particular tint shop, but there is nothing better than having a closer look at a sample that a tint shop offers.  You may be able to see some samples online, but you need to understand that there can be a significant difference in what you see online or what you actually get after you decide to use their service.

If you have found a reliable and reputable tint shop for car tinting, they will allow you to visit them and check their sample. Once there, consider what type of customer service you get from their employees. If they are not behaving nicely with you and others who may have already used their service and now need their assistance with something, you should go look for a different service provider.  Similarly, it is important to check how organized and clean the work area is and how organized their window films and tools are. Know that a tint shop cannot offer quality service if the work environment is not free of dust.

When they show you their sample work, be sure to pay serious attention to the rear window to evaluate their work. Check how they have cut the window film. It is not a good sign if the window film on the rear window is cut in strips. Keep in mind that reputable tint shops only use one sheet to cover your window. Secondly, you need to check the “frit” edges. If there are indeed frit edges and tint on black frit border does not look secure, know that you are not dealing with a professional service provider.

Similarly, you should also check the inside of the window and see how they have fit the film along the edges. There will be problems if the film does not sit tight enough along the edges. If you notice any spots or bubbles of air against the window, it also indicates unprofessional work. However, do not worry much if the film looks a bit streaky or discolored because it usually takes a few weeks for film to show up as clear. So, be sure to ask for samples and check everything carefully before going for car tinting.