Headlights- Illuminators in Vehicles for Better Visibility


When driving, people tend to rely on their own vision which is hampered during extreme weather conditions and also during the night. Driving during these conditions can lead to accidents, often leading to loss of lives. This makes the necessity of headlights mandatory. Although vehicles come equipped with these, but what if more illumination is required? The OEM installed lights are not able to project powerful light beams. What’s needed is an illumination system that can facilitate a driver to see clearly through mist or fog.

Presently, the projector headlights are quite popular among vehicle owners. These are different from the usual car lights because they are in-built with spherical lens that focus the light produced from the bulbs in the form of a more powerful beam. This not only allows a driver to see clearly up ahead but also facilitate the vehicles behind to see the car being driven.


How Do These Projector Car Lights Work?

These lights have a condenser lens fitted in front of the lamps. In between the lens and reflector, there is a shade which offers a low beam cutoff. It is the position and shape of the shade that determines the sharpness of the cutoff. Often, on removing these shades, the light produced is of high beam. Also, for reducing the sharpness of the light, the lenses make use of Fresnel rings. Likewise, the rings can be adjusted or installed in such a manner as to direct the light beam for illuminating road signs.

Types of Projection Car Lights

  • Low Beam Auto Lights: Just as the name suggests, these systems are made in such as to produce a low beam of light. The beam of light produced is perfect for lighting the sideways. The capability of the light is observed to be strong till 60 feet in the front of the car; however, it can be extended to about 200 feet. Also, the direction of the light’s projection is set in a manner as not to be a hindrance for the oncoming vehicles.
  • High Beam: These types of car lights have the beam brightest till 100 feet and can be extended up to 500 feet. This type of illumination system is suitable only when driving alone on the road since the glare of the beam can prove to be fatal for the oncoming vehicles, probably leading to accidents.
  • LED: These can be easily used during the daytime so as to facilitate other vehicle drivers to clearly see a car fitted with the projector auto lights. These LED can quickly switch to full intensity and are also durable and consume less power.
  • Halo and Dual Halo: Popularly known as angel eyes, these have a light ring around the bulbs. These allow the drivers to use them both during the day time as well as the night. Also, the halo auto lights are often installed for adding to the style of the car.

With so many variations of the projector headlights present in the market, vehicle owners are free to choose whatever type of auto light they require as per their budget and requirement. You can also seek suggestions for other vehicle owners about the type they would suggest.