Getting Your Vehicle Out of a Sticky Situation


It’s a sure bet that you rely on your vehicle for both work and leisure. In many ways, the development of the automobile has revolutionised the way we live. For people who live some distance from their place of employment, a morning commute is made possible because of their car. But what happens when you breakdown on the side of the road or freeway? What happens if you have an accident and find yourself stuck in a muddy ditch or worse? You might be able to get to work eventually, but what happens to your car in a situation like this?

Professional Breakdown and Recovery Services

Whether your family car is stuck on the side of a road, your company vehicle is in a lake, or the excavator you need to finish a building and construction project has fallen into a pit, professional breakdown and recovery services in Dorset are the answer to your immediate problem. Services such as this are typically ISO-certified and provide the following kinds of support:

  • salvaging vehicles from accidents,
  • roadside assistance if your vehicle simply won’t start and needs to be professionally towed,
  • vehicle transport and oversized loads that comply with all regulations,
  • recovering plant equipment,
  • qualified incident management that includes qualified first aid, and
  • roadside assistance if a vehicle has broken down.

The best breakdown and recovery services offer more than just simple towing and recovery. They are equipped to handle first response duties, including first aid, and can help manage the incident area through the deployment of traffic cones and spill kits. In a serious accident situation where there are injuries and where other emergency services are also attending, the capacity to provide additional assistance is useful in managing the scenario.