Get the F1 Spirit for your Subaru WRX!


One of the reasons why the Subaru WRX is such a popular daily driver car for enthusiasts is the versatility and ease that drivers can modify their WRX to make it as unique as possible. A popular upgrade that owners of a newer model Subaru WRX lean towards is a new rear fog light. US model Subaru WRX have an empty space at the rear lower bumper, so it makes plenty of sense why drivers want to utilize that location to add an upgrade.

Rear fog lights are commonplace in Japan or Europe due to automotive regulations, but they are missing from most US model cars because the United States does not require rear fog lights on vehicles. Rear fog lights are used to function in inclement weather, such as fog, rain, or snow and will warn drivers in the rear to keep a safe distance. This light is not meant to be obtrusive, but rather acts as a warning beacon in instances where visibility may be compromised. While it’s certainly peculiar that USDM cars don’t have standard rear fog lights, it’s not exactly a big deal since aftermarket additions give drivers plenty of options on how they want to spice up the rear fog lamp location.

One of the most popular additions is the Subaru F1 Style Rear Fog Light that’s inspired by the F1 racing persona. This style of LED rear fog light has a specially designed strobe feature every time the brake light is activated to catch the attention of drivers in the vicinity. The quick strobe function blinks a few times and transitions to a solid red color so that it isn’t distracting to other drivers. When the brake light is not activated, the F1 Style Rear Fog rests in taillight mode and acts as an additional set of lights in conjunction with the actual WRX taillights. This style of LED rear fog light is great for drivers who want to install something sporty without getting in the way of other drivers on the road.

With the aftermarket industry coming out with new products for the Subaru WRX on the daily basis, like the Subaru STi F1 Style Rear Fog┬áLamp, it’s no wonder that enthusiasts have a difficult time choosing which fresh installations look best on their WRX! Fortunately, since the market is so vast, this means that drivers can just cruise around the streets and attend car meets to get a sampling of which modifications are according to their taste.

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