Ford Input in Vehicle Parking Aids

Ford 2017

It doesn’t matter whether an individual is a new driver or a seasoned driver there are many times that difficulties arise when attempting to park a vehicle. The Ford researchers are well aware of this and have been active in the development with breakthroughs in self parking cars. It is extremely important that you have a good vehicle to rely on and you can find the perfect one for you at Diamond Bar Ford.

What is exciting about this concept of self parking cars is that the research and engineers in the European Ford development have been working behind the scenes on a car that is going to be able to park itself merely with a demand. This even means when the driver is not sitting behind the wheel.

This is a concept that is being called the fully assisted parking aid and while this may seem like it is something that is in the very distant future, many people are surprised to discover that this has already been demonstrated in the focused test model.

What the demonstration depicts is that a simple press of the button on the key FOB directs the car to manoeuvre itself automatically into a parking spot. This is done through 12 ultrasonic sensors that allow the vehicle to align itself within specific borders. These borders are the obstacles that are surrounding the parking spot. Once the car has finally positioned itself into the parking spot it will stop.

Ford 2017

There is no doubt that there will be some drivers that are not content about giving up their control of the vehicle. Ford has addressed this potential problem by including a failsafe. What this will do is allow the driver to stop the process at any time they choose. So in essence the driver is still fully in control of his vehicle. For safety and security the button on the FOB must be held down by the driver in order for the car to begin its parking operation. As soon as the button is released then the vehicle ceases with its parking actions.

It is estimated that it’s probably going to be another five years before this new technology is going to be available to the public as a Ford product. But that doesn’t mean that Ford has not provided an immediate solution for parking issues. There is the Ford optional Active Park Assist which is also implementing the same ultrasonic sensors and this allows the sensors to be able to determine what parking spots are viable. It can take control of the wheel while the driver focuses on the shifting and acceleration. It must be remembered that this is an enhancement and does not replace the expertise required on the part of the driver. For a great selection of Ford vehicles pay a visit to