Evolution of the Mini

The Mini Cooper

“You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off…” is a phrase that has now become synonymous with one vehicle in particular; The Mini Cooper.

Over the years, The Mini has only undergone one or two major evolutions, with models looking exactly the same in from 1959-1999, before a complete reinvention occurred after the change of ownership to BMW.

The original mini was quite simply what its name says; it was mini! Aside from tinkering the mechanics over the years, the mini stuck to its original design, following the mantra of ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. Those who were in control of the Mini didn’t have the time to worry about upgrading the Mini, it was a car that served its purpose and didn’t call for any changes.

The Mini Cooper

When BMW purchased The Rover Group and therefore owned the Mini, they seemed to have a big understanding of just how iconic the car was and wanted to completely re-invent it to appeal to a whole new calibre of driver.

The last original Mini was produced in 2000; a time which many looked upon as sad. The car itself had become a single figure of the representation of British motoring for over 40 years and it would now cease to exist, however, BMW felt that a change was most definitely needed in order to help the brand to grow and expand even further.

The new vehicle came in at 2 feet longer than the original model, and one foot wider, allowing for a more spacious drive. One of the things that made the new Mini Cooper so exciting was the prospect of kitting it out with fantastic gadgets, features and options; something which BMW has become synonymous for and had transferred the option to create your own car kit to the new Mini Cooper.

Originally, the Mini was only seen in the UK and Europe; with limited models making it over the pond to America. However, since the evolution of the car occurred, it has become a popular option for drivers in The States and left an imprint in quite a short amount of time.

The customizable option of the car created a whole new generation of Mini Cooper enthusiasts, who thrive on different customization models and factors that make each car completely individual to the driver who created it.

Much in line with the previous way of remodeling the Mini Cooper, the car itself doesn’t radically change the aesthetics each time a new model is released; it tends to look very similar to its previous counterparts.

However, tweaks on the handling, power and fuel economy are always being played around with, ensuring that every new Mini Cooper that is released is an improvement on the previous in some way or another.

BMW have managed to combine a great mix of nostalgia with a new car that is accessible to more users than the original.

Many purists have shunned the new version, however, the giveaway is in the title; they are purists and like the car the way it was, so any change would put them off.

Despite the cries that it has turned its back on its tiny roots, the Mini Cooper is one of the most reliable and cost effective cars on the market, consistently scoring high in the safety and running cost stakes.