Do The World a Favor – Use an Eco-Friendly Car


We need cars. It takes us from home to work. It allows us to do things much faster. It gives us the freedom of going anywhere we need without having to worry about how we will get there. Yes, automobiles benefit us greatly, but its widespread use also is the main reason why most cities all over the world suffer from heavy pollution.

Do The World a Favor – Use an Eco-Friendly Car

Therefore, as much as cars were the solution, they were also the problem. Thus, this made world rethink and look for ways to provide a substitute to the good ol’ automobile without having to take it away completely. Fortunately, it came in the form of another car, a car powered in a radically different way from the conventional car, the so-called, green car.

These cars are the automobile equivalent of what LED TVs are for the TVs of the past. A green cars consumes much less petroleum compared to the conventional car and still provide the same efficiency the average consumer needs as a means of transportation. Additionally, eco-friendly cars come in different makes, types and models, and there are those that run on various energy sources, most of which are renewable, such as biodiesel, solar energy, hydrogen and ethanol.

What Can a Green Car Offer You?

A green car these days can offer you plenty of benefits. While you may already know that eco-friendly cars do help you save money in terms of gas, what you may not know is that your local government may even endorse such a move. Tax benefits, special lanes, parking lot privileges, etc, these are just some of the things that you can get if you buy yourself a green car.

Take note, I said may as green cars are not always supported by the local government or rather, not as heavily supported in some countries. No, it is not illegal, but, if the main reason why you are buying a green car is to get a better parking space, then you may want to check with your local authorities first.

Technology Has Made Green Cars Better

The stigma about green cars was that while you not spend as much money in terms of gas, if any at all, the drawback is that they do not run as fast. Yes, it is true, some makes or model suffer from the lack of power. There have even been stories of such cars “dying” when running on slopes. However, that was then, and technology has blessed the newer age of eco-friendly cars to make them as powerful as their petroleum hungry counterparts.

Now, while their engines are not exactly as powerful and are radically different, what is nice is that eco-friendly cars weigh significantly less compared to the traditional car. This makes them easier to drive, maneuver and the improvements in weight and design are to blame for the newer eco-friendly cars’ efficiency as compared to those of older models.

Yes, culture is a very hard thing to change and for the past one hundred years, we have mainly relied on petroleum-hungry automobiles to satisfy our needs for transportation. However, given time, eco-friendly cars may get into the mainstream market and become the main means of transportation in all countries all over the world.