Different Types of Truck Tool Boxes


There are more work trucks on the road filled with a major investment: tools. Whether you are a skilled technician, plumber or auto mechanic, keeping your tools stocked and in good condition is essential to performing your job. This means matching the right tool box just as important as selection of wrenches.You may need a tool box large enough for storing your inventory of tools, yet small enough to fit in a workshop. Perhaps you are constant on the road servicing customers and portability is a chief consideration.The types of tools boxes from which to choose varies just as much as where they are sold. These tool boxes are sold in hardware stores specialty tool shops and even online. Here is a brief overview of what is available for the job.

Types of Commercial Tool Truck Boxes

Knowing which type of tool box is suitable for your specific needs will help you make the right selection.

Large Stationary – usually found in auto repair shops, these tool storage units have wheels for support and to keep the box away from fluids.

Upright Roll-Around – may have wheels on the bottom box and large drawers to store the big tools. Smaller drawers are placed on top for smaller work tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches. Upright boxes can roll short distances or remain stationary.

Combination Workbench and Rolling – this features a flat surface on top of a rolling box. The surface can be used as a workbench, while the rolling box moves tools around the shop.
Truck-Mounted – useful when your job requires going from place to place. You mount this tool box in the bed of your truck. Bolts and locking lids keep everything secure as you travel to customer locations.

Portable Rolling – this drag-and-roll option is ideal for carpenters and plumbers who need flexibility while servicing customers. You can place this tool box inside your work truck, carry it short distances and roll it directly into the job site for handy access.

Hand-Carry – possibly the easiest version of tool boxes for commercial trucks, this handy carrier can also be stored under workbenches and inside household closets. Some are canvas bags, while others a metal containers with lids.

In conclusion, storing your valuable tools inside a box keeps them accessible, organized and in good condition. The great thing is you are not limited to one type; the large tool box can stay in the shop while the portable one travels in your commercial truck.