Portable Restrooms And Their Types

Portable Restrooms And Their Types

There are over 3 million portable restrooms that are getting used all over the world. The prime benefit of these restrooms is the portability they carry. A portable restroom can be easily pulled in the back of a truck. It doesn’t even cost too much money if you rent a portable restroom from any sanitation supply company who offers services related to deodorizing, cleaning, draining and disinfecting. One such company is TruckXpress. The use of portable restroom provides safety as well as productivity.

Which industries need portable restrooms?

There features that make the portable restrooms really very convenient for the industries who have outdoor sites. These industries can be;

  • Civil construction
  • Heavy construction
  • High rise construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Ranches
  • Shipyards
  • Residential construction
  • Road construction
  • Farms

Apart from all these occupational functionalities, the portable restrooms also do accommodate some recreational activities. These restrooms frequently used at music festivals, campsites, weddings, parades and outdoor sporting events. They can be used by the government during military training exercises and also during the efforts related to disaster relief.

The types of portable restrooms

There are multiple varieties of portable restrooms constructed for different purposes. The rental prices include cleaning, disposal and transporting whereas the purchase price is just to own the unit i.e. the arrangement of disposal and cleaning services that are not performed by your company and not you.

  • Standard– The standard portable restroom is big enough for one person. The size is 88”x44”x48”. The structure is fully enclosed and is comprised of non-slip floors, locking doors and ventilation.
  • Deluxe– The deluxe models are quite wider than the standard models. The size of this model is 88”x62”x48”. These models add more features such as sinks, dispensers, sanitizers, shelving and urinals.
  • Large trailer– These models offer more than one sink and stall and are used for the job sites which need more facilities. They include pump activated sinks, hand sanitizer, paper towels and much more.

Where to order?

TruckXpress is a recognized company who has been manufacturing portable restroom for over 50 years. They are known to be the best in the industry and have a long list of satisfied customers.