3 Reasons to Choose a Honda as Your Next Car


There’s no doubting that there is more choice on the car market than ever before. While having plenty of choices is obviously a good thing, it does also mean that it can be slightly trickier to work out the good from the bad and the bad from the ugly.

Whether you’re in the market for an SUV, Supercar or a hatchback, there is an almost endless choice of manufacturers and models awaiting you on UK forecourts.

If you are struggling on deciding your next car or are considering trading in your current one for a fresh motor, here’s 3 great reasons why you should consider choosing a Honda.

Iconic Models

First thing’s first, Honda is undoubtedly one of THE iconic car manufacturers of the last 25 years, producing some of the most innovative, stylish and boundary-pushing vehicles in the world.

Speaking to Cox Motor Parts, a Honda Genuine parts dealer, they said that, “Undoubtedly, when you think of Honda, you think of the first NSX. It sums up everything about Honda.”

“It was a groundbreaking upon its release back in 1990 when it became the first car to have a full aluminium body. They have carried it on with the 2016 model, which will become a supercar powered by a hybrid engine.”

For those without a spare £150,000 kicking around, Honda has other equally iconic models. Models like the Civic Type R, which arguably revolutionised the “hot hatch” category.

Safe & Reliable

Aside from letting your inner petrolhead make the entire decision, it’s also important to think about how safe and reliable your next car is.

Another reason to choose a Honda is the fact that they are generally both very safe and reliable. Just last year, Honda was crowned the most reliable car manufacturer by What Car and Warranty Direct for the NINTH year running. You can’t really ask for much more than that!

As well as having award-winning reliability, Honda vehicles are also well-known for their safety. Just last year the Honda Jazz was awarded the safest car in the supermini category by safety regulators EURO NCAP.


For those of you that are either concerned about the environment or what miles to the gallon your car will do, Honda is also the perfect choice.

If we go back to the excellent new Honda Jazz, we find that the supermini will do an excellent 61 MPG.

Honda is also experimenting with alternative fuels. While many are working towards electric cars, which can’t cover many miles without needing to be recharged, Honda has been busy working on the Clarity. The Clarityruns on a Hydrogen fuel cell instead of traditional petrol or diesel.

This car is superb for the environment, as the only byproduct is a trickle of water out of the exhaust. Unlike electric cars, which can’t cover much more than 350 miles, the Clarity will do over 460 before needing to be refuelled with Hydrogen.

This is a relatively new technology, but it could soon save you both a lot of money and piece of mind.