Choosing A Transportation Provider


When looking for a solid solution to a transportation need, what areas should be examined first to ensure that a chosen company can meet and exceed expectations? Knowing the full list of needs at the outset can help eliminate disappointment later on.

Determine The Capacity

A company receives word that a client requests delivery of a certain amount of goods within a particular time frame. In order for the company to choose the quickest and most efficient form of transport, communication must occur with the client to determine specific details like size, shape, weight and number of pieces. This is information that will later be relayed to a transportation provider.

Find A Proven Transportation Carrier

Rather than risk potential failure with an unknown transportation provider, reputable companies needing things shipped generally find out more about their options and then choose to go with a carrier that has a reputation for quality and timely delivery. Choosing the services of one such as Landstar, a carrier that is able to transport by land, sea or air, may help simplify and consolidate the process.


From Dispatch To Billing

For most companies, saving time is saving money. Having the ability to turn over all aspects of a shipping project to an experienced transportation provider’s agent can eliminate unnecessary double work on the part of the company’s employees. Everything from an initial dispatch to the final billing can be handled by a quality transportation carrier.

Service Around The Clock

In order to ensure the smoothest delivery of goods, a quality transport company has the capability of providing constantly updated information about the location of said goods during the entire shipping process. Whether the product is being moved by a fleet or simply by an individual truck, maintaining continual contact and regularly relaying said details are paramount to realizing an ideal end result.

A motivated agent with the knowledge and ability to accurately connect a shipping need with his or her transportation provider can be a major asset to a company with goods to be shipped. When these goods are transported safely, quickly and efficiently, no matter whether the load is a big one or very small, a company rises to the top as its reputation soars.