used Jaguar cars

Approved used Jaguar cars make a great investment

From its humble origins as the Swallow Sidecar Company which began life in 1922,the carmaker has progressed into becoming a world-famous brand and there’s no doubt that Approved used Jaguar cars make a great...
Car Modifications

Top Considerations for Your Car Modifications

Modifying a vehicle is a popular hobby and pastime for many motoring enthusiasts. With regular gatherings and meet-ups to chat and compare vehicle enhancements and personalisation, the interest in creating the perfect ‘pimped out’...

Do The World a Favor – Use an Eco-Friendly Car

We need cars. It takes us from home to work. It allows us to do things much faster. It gives us the freedom of going anywhere we need without having to worry about how...

What To Look For in a Holiday Hire Car

There are times when all we want from our holiday is a chance to settle back on a comfy sun-lounger and to top up our tans, purely because relaxation is often what the vacation...
used car supermarket

Your used car supermarket in Coventry

If you’re looking for an affordable, quality used car in Coventry, then read on. When planning on purchasing a used, you need to be sure of its quality, condition and the reliability of where...

Is 70 MPH Too Slow A Speed Limit For British Motorways?

Back in 1967, it was announced that the speed limit on British motorways was to be set at a maximum of 70 mph for cars. This was to become a permanent maximum speed 11...
The Mini Cooper

Evolution of the Mini

“You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off…” is a phrase that has now become synonymous with one vehicle in particular; The Mini Cooper. Over the years, The Mini has only undergone one...

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