A Small & Economical Car: The Toyota iQ

Small & Economical Car

Lots of people are looking for a small economical car and the Toyota iQ is an ideal run around for the city or town.

The Toyota iQ stands out from all other city cars due to its size. The car is small but so cleverly designed that it can fit in four people. The dashboard design is such that the front passenger is situated slightly ahead of the driver which gives more space in the rear. That said, the rear passenger would have to be small or maybe a teenager.

The car is excellent for zipping around the town or city but not suitable for motorway driving. If you get caught in a cross wind it can get blown sideways and the small size makes it feel vulnerable when it is amongst fast moving traffic. However, the ability of the car to do a U turn just about anywhere is amazing. It has a very small turning circle, light steering and is responsive to handle. The engine options are a 1.0 litre or a 1.33 litre petrol.

Small & Economical Car

The smaller engine is the same as that used in the Toyota Aygo and it feels spirited and agile as well as being cheap to run. The engine will achieve 0 to 60 mph in 14 seconds but as the car is so small that actually feels quite fast when you are on the inside. The car is offered with the option of an automatic gearbox but it is noisy and a five speed manual will give you more control.

A car as small as this is never going to offer extreme comfort but there is a decent amount of elbow and shoulder room although leg room is limited. The suspension is poor so be prepared to be bounced around if you hit rough surfaces.

There is good visibility due to the large windscreen. Inside the cabin the plastic feels cheap and considering the price Toyota could improve the quality. The car has passed safety tests with the maximum five stars and it has nine airbags. Toyota has thrown in a five year warranty so reliability should not be a problem.

The way the car is constructed is very clever but the extra passenger compromises boot space. However, you can’t have it all. With the seats folded you can expect 242 litres of luggage space and that is it. The price for this small car is high but it is well equipped. As a city run around it does the job it is made to do.

Not the best looking car in the world, the Toyota iQ can be greatly enhanced by not only choosing great colour schemes for the outside, but by also jazzing up things on the inside. Custom floor mats from My Car Mats, bespoke seat covers and a satnav are all great ways to add value and perceived luxury to what is a great money saving vehicle.